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Our Vision

Trotter House is a community outreach with the vision to serve our local communities with excellence in meeting the needs of families and helping them thrive.

Our Mission

In order to fulfill the vision statement, Trotter House will offer specialized programs and services to
assist women and families who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy or difficult situation. Our
overall mission is to ensure that Trotter House will continue to serve communities across the globe in
excellence and unconditional love in JESUS name.

Our Founder


Lori DeVillez B.A

Equipped with a Bachelor of arts degree in psychology/social work from the University of Southern Indiana, and a background in social work, public administration, and missions, Lori DeVillez began her career path of serving pregnancy centers in 1992. From her first position which provided on-the-job medical training, to the leadership of both a pregnancy center and a maternity home, Lori advanced to becoming President of a national group, an Austin, Texas-based organization that assists women's pregnancy resource centers.  

From 1997- 2005 Lori traveled the nation helping centers develop strategic ministry and providing training in all aspects of pregnancy resource center management. 

Lori's teachings included superior management and administrative practices, strategic planning for boards of directors, personnel training and certification, fund-raising, development of new centers, how to have great conferences and offer continuing education as well as developing successful media campaigns to reach women in crisis and more.


Lori now lives in her hometown of Evansville, Indiana where she operates as the CEO and founder of Trotter House. She enjoys spending time with Hannah, her beloved niece, and her dog Abagail "Abi" Love. 

Our Name


Lilias Trotter

The Trotter House namesake, Lillas Trotter, was a woman of extraordinary artistic talent, immense courage, and deep hope. Born in 1853 to a wealthy London family, she grew up with a strong faith and was deeply influenced by the evangelic revival meetings that swept through England during her young adulthood.

Trotter was a gifted artist. Though Lilias had received little formal instruction, her drawings so impressed the famed art critic, John Ruskin, that he urged her to devote herself to her art, confident that if she did so, she could become England's greatest painter creating immortal works of beauty.

Ultimately, it was through her care for those in peril, even more than through her paintings, that Trotter created works of truly eternal beauty. In London, she worked to rescue women from the sex trade, and on her thirty-fourth birthday, she applied to be a missionary in Algeria. Funding this work from her own resources, Trotter led a group of determined women to North Africa in 1888 and served there until her death in 1928.

In Algeria, Trotter worked primarily for the sake of women and children. She also felt deeply called to share the gospel with Algeria's Sufi mystics, whose deep hunger for spiritual realities resonated with her own passionate quest for the truth and beauty of God.

The choices Trotter made exposed her to many challenges, but her message was always one of courage and hope. "Take the very hardest thing in your life," she wrote, "the place of difficulty, outward or inward, and expect God to triumph gloriously in that very spot. Just there He can bring your soul into blossom. When God delays in fulfilling our little thoughts, it is to have Himself room to work His great ones."


Trotter House empowers women with such courage and hope, rooted in the confidence that God can take our seasons of greatest difficulty and turn them into beauty and glory. 

Trotter House offers specialized programs and services to assist women and families bringing

Help, Healing, & Hope.

Find a center near you.

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