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Teens have an influential role over their younger peers because they are actually

“Walking the Talk” by having healthy relationships and avoiding risky behaviors,

including alcohol, drugs, and sexual activity.

Teacher & Student
Peer to Peer Leadership Educating and Encouraging Relationship Skills

As you know, teens are surrounded by negative peer pressure every day.
Positive peer support systems, such as Peer to Peer Leadership, help teens avoid reckless
behaviors. Youth are highly influenced by a desire to please their friends, and to be part of the

“in crowd.” It is much easier for young people to choose to avoid reckless behaviors if their friends
share these values, and they are empowered by fellow peers whom they can relate more with.
Compared to teens who engage in reckless behaviors, teens who avoid them are more


1. To perform better academically
2. To reach future goals
3. To have a healthy self-image
4. To have greater resistance to peer pressure and more respect for parental and societal values

Be A Positive

We must empower our youth to combat and avoid behaviors that could be reckless to their futures. Together we can continue to empower our teens to make wise choices and healthy decisions.

Our Program

P2P leadership works to build a dynamic team of high school student leaders to present at their feeder middle schools a curriculum that encourages healthy living and wise decision-making as well as strengthening leadership skills amongst middle school students.

Our three curriculums per grade level are:

6th grade - Healthy Relationships

7th grade - Media Influences

8th grade - Peer Pressure and Goal Setting 


Through engaging in discussion, games, and fun activities, our mentors, reinforce messages of risk, avoidance, developing healthy, communication, skills, and making positive decisions for their future.


This is a high school and middle school leadership program.



Contact Trotter House and let us know how we can bring Peer to Peer to your community.

For more information contact;

Amy Davis, Program Director

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